Sunday - middle of a Long Weekend.

Well its still raining here which is really lovely. It seems to have been so long since we have had rainy days. Rain today meant that Daddy let little boy go outside for a test run in his new rain coat. Look at this proud big sister with her Camera out taking snaps!

I was tucked away in the shopping centre selling winter sale knitwear to lots of lovely ladies. A couple of really nice chatty customers with common interests today, which always make a day nicer. So today I was at work but yesterday I whipped up another dishcloth. I used a yarn called Bamboozle, it is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, it was a bit tricky for me to work with as it is so beautifully thick, soft and slippery on the needles, but the finished result is sumptuous, now to see how it stands up to the work and wear.
I finished my boys's Scarf on Thursday too. I can't get a good pic of these sorry as its quite grey.

I'm hoping to have a crack at creating something with this in the next day or so, right now I am working with a seriously nasty on the hands nylon yarn and crochet hook. I hope to be able to show you what I am doing with that soon too, my fingers are sore though so I might need a break from it tomorrow.

Can you guess what this fabric earmarked for?
I'm off for a snuggle in front of a movie now.
Thanks to all who are dropping in and commenting, it really makes my day.


  1. HIya Tammy, woohoo finished the scarf.C is so going to love wearing it in the Winters to come.Love the richness of the wash cloth too.Nice to hear you had a good day at work.Perhaps you have a future photographer/ scrapper

  2. Your knitting skills are awesome Tammy. I bet that gorgeous wash cloth will be divine to use.

  3. tammy i am so in awe of all ur talents. ur so crafty. love it, and the scarf looks gorgeous. Are u makie pjs?

  4. Love the scarf colours, Tammy! You're doing such a great job! Good to hear you had such a great day at work too :)

  5. Loving your creations T!

    I'm thinking you are crocheting a scourer?? and the material looks perfect for some nice winter PJs :)


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