Happy pegs!

So here is my little project I mentioned yesterday.
At this time of the year I have a clothes airer out on the veranda and one inside over one of our heating vents and a big pile of pegs sitting on the laundry windowsill ready for those windy days out under the cover of veranda.

Its a peg bag. Now they have a happy little home hanging on a hook below the window sill with the hand towel. : ) I'm not sure which side I like better. I'm so proud to have created this from Scratch based on an image in my mind!

If you look closely you can see where I picked out all the white stitching on the trim/cuff and changed to better spaced brown. I don't have enough colours of thread, I was thinking this morning that thread is like Card stock in Scrapping, it is a staple must have item and you never know what colour you might need. ; ) lol

As soon as Miss saw it sitting on the table she grabbed it and asked me if she could have it. So I explained it was for me and promised I'd make her one slightly different but very like and I'd carefully choose some fabric for her and make it prettier. Here is what I have laid out for it so far, I'll be raiding the ribbon stash too I think.

Yesterday I bought myself some Scissors. Great big HOORAY! here's what I'm upgrading from and I can't wait to cut into some fabric with these babies!

I have a sick little Boy here asleep on the couch and think I had better tackle some more house work now.


  1. Tammy, those peg bags look AWESOME.Clever girlie you are!!!! I adore the fabric you used too.Those are some heavy duty scissors.A bit different from the scrapping ones hey!!!!!!!

  2. gorgeous Tammy...love it...:)x

  3. gorgeous tammy. u must be loving the end result and the fabric looks a bit special too. hope ds is feeling better soon

  4. Gorgeous Tammy!!! I love your peg bag both ways too!!

  5. The peg bag looks great with the brown stitching, finished it off perfectly!!

    Can't wait to see what you create for dd.

  6. I just love that peg bag and the fabric too.

    I wonder why our fabric shop doesn't have such nice choices?

    I can also see the cute bags full of holiday gifts later in the year.

    You will like the scissors I do-they are so shinny! I have to hide mine and also put a fabric only tag on them. My family had a habit of picking up my fabric pair and using them for evrything. It got to be $$ to have the sharpened every time I turned around.

  7. Very cute peg bags!
    I have a pair of the same scissors, bought mine about 8 years ago and love them. I now have a new pair due to dh using them to cut insullation for the house......*rolling eyes*
    I love my scissors, they are fabulous to use! I hope you enjoy using yours too.

  8. Your peg bag is gorgeous, Tammy.
    I really love the fabric :)


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