My nasty fibre crochet.

Hi all , well last night I finished up the crochet project I had started.
Jaki was on the mark with her comment last night and I was making a scourer or scrubbie as it is called in the tutorial.

I bought a crochet hook when I bought my knitting needles as I recalled it might come in handy at times for knitting. As I blog hopped around a few days ago I came across this wonderful video tutorial by Mary Grace McNamara.

A long time ago someone taught me to crochet, I can't remember but am thinking it was my Dear old Darling Nan, it may have been my Aunty 'Poppy' who I do remember encouraging me and helping with my knitting when I was 7 or 8.

I would not be able to read a crochet pattern beyond chain or slip stitch, but this video made it so clear. Mine is not exactly to pattern as I did a few double crochet where I should have slip stitched and joined my chains in the wrong place or just missed joining them ... lol ... in any case it wouldn't affect the functionality of this item.

I couldn't find any coarse nylon or synthetic I thought would be appropriate, then I found the nylon rope In the fishing section at Kmart, it was pricey but I thought 100m would certainly make me a few and they would be great paired with dishcloths as a gift.

This morning I threw my scrubbie into the sink ( not having washed it ) to see if it could scrub out pasta bake dish from last night and almost immediately started to smell something odd ... unpleasant kind of odd ... petrol/diesel kind of yuckky. Yup, my fishing tackle scrubbie was emitting the stinkiest petrol type fumes along with turning the sink water green.
So now my scrubbie sits in a laundry bucket with cold water and vinegar. I hope after a soak and wash he is useable. Will update on the results.

On the upside crocheting the scrubbie got me used to some techniques and creating things in my head. This morning I made this really simple chain and slip stitch flower that looks a lot like a Water Lilly before I added the vintage button.

Lil has a stack of baby hair clips in her dish that are not really suitable for her thick hair , they were great at three when her hair started to grow ... so I attached the flower to one of the baby clips and thought it will be a great 'decorative clip' when she has her hair pulled back.

I croched this one with 8 ply wool and am thinking I have a few Scrap booking friends who might like these in a smaller gague with a 4 or 5 ply cotton ....

I cut the Pyjama pants and realised I need a pattern for the top and I had seriously underestimated the fabric requirement. So off to lincraft I headed for a pattern, which incidentally is WAY too big, I'll have to try my hand a extreme downsizing of a paper pattern now ...
I got the extra fabric and grabbed a couple more colours of the Bamboozle thread for dishcloths.
Incidentally I forgot to credit the pattern I'm using in my last post, it is this waffle weave pattern from Homespun living blog. I love it to bits!


  1. The scourer looks great...hope it soaks up ok for you to use, just imagine what it does to the waterways when used for fishing though!!! yick!

    Love your flower, I have a few patterns bookmarked for flowers that I can't wait to try once I have finished the secret scarf :)

  2. I hope your little scrubbie smells nice soon :)) It looks very cute! I love the hair clip too - gorgeous :)

  3. How disappointing was that scrubbie! Your flower is very cute. I also loved your bamboo/cotton dishcloth. Bamboo is lovely stuff!

  4. What a wonderful project. You are so smart. Thanks for the link I'll check it out, I have a hard time reading patterns too...

    I just love the dish cloth and have been wanting to try it.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. I had a set of sheets that had what sounds like a very similar smell, they had no smell while dry but when I opened the washing machine it just about knocked me over. At first I thought it was the machine and had rang the manufacturer, it came very close to costing a service call. Was able to cancel it when I realised it only happened with those sheets. Finally after many washes the smell went away - couldn't afford to buy new ones at the time.


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