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I'm a lil' under the weather and have had a lazy day today, I started to crochet a dishcloth using Bamboozle. My first attempt at a crochet one.

So here is Lil's bag. I think I need to add 'something' to the red side, I'm thinking perhaps a pocket in the red floral fabric. Rainbow side has a blue panel at the back view.

This little pack arrived from umbrella prints today, they are all tiny pieces called trimmings. I purchased these after reading about this comp on 'Moopy and me'. This will be a challenge for me as not all of the prints are quite my 'cup of tea' but I do have some ideas already! The fabric itself is lovely and the quality wonderful.


  1. Oh dd is going to LOVE that bag!!!
    A pocket sounds perfect, young ladies can never have too many pockets to put special things in :)

    Love the elephant print and the leaf pattern, a little *big eyed* at the cat? print though, it is different.
    Can't wait to see what you create with your trimmings.

  2. The bamboozle does look lovely and cozy - I definitely need some!! LOL. Good luck with the challenge too, those fabrics are really pretty.

  3. wow tammy the sewing is looking amazing. this bag is so cute. i love the fabrics ur using too. beautiful

  4. Good luck with you Trimmings entry! Even if your not super keen on 'Fergus' you might like the patterns within him so cut him up! he doesnt mind :-) x Amy

  5. I'm sure she must be thrilled with this little beauty.


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