It was a good day.

Its raining.

Yesterday started out with me most irritable, I had a really broken sleep the night prior with a snoring partner and Sick Boy. I have had a bit of a financial grey cloud hanging over my head those few days prior seeing my work hours cut back and two other unexpected larger expenses popping up. One being loss of hot water during the week, thankfully it was fixed quickly and rather inexpensively really, when you consider the cost of a new HWS.

None of these are putting us in any strife but I just hate seeing our savings swiped out like that in one foul swoop.

But my day and mood all turned around ... LOL.

My blog hopping was interrupted when LOML got home from the gym and plonked down in front of the computer. This sent me to the kitchen. I ended up cleaning and de cluttering the pantry cupboard, something that has been on my mental to do list for a while.

I had sewing on my agenda, with nothing in particular in mind. I saved from the charity box and then altered an old pre children and partner top of mine into another PJ top for little Mr. Its 'rustic' but easier for him to get on, I played with different stitch settings on my machine to do this and so got to know it a bit better.

Then I had a real play and cut up some of my Timeless treasures 'Apple' fabrics. Created something from scratch. Again something that has been floating around in my mind for a while. It also has mismatched seams and crooked stitching but is a household item and when I finish it off with the cotton I have yet to purchase I'll show it off here.

I stopped part way through the sewing and threw a beef casserole together for dinner, I decided to try a different herb concentration and vege ratio, putting in a lot more parsnip and throwing in sprigs of rosemary at the beginning and removing them when the aroma got strong. The parsnips all virtually dissolved into the stock thickening it naturally. The final result was just a little strong on the rosemary but totally delish! I only wish I had served it with Mash instead of rice (Oh well theres next time!)

Then once the kids were tucked in bed I settled down in front of a Movie with my Mr and my knitting and still headed off to bed relatively early.

As I sat knitting I felt content, happy with all I had created that day including creating space and order in my pantry; Curiosity in my kids as I let them sit on my lap while I sewed and they asked questions about the machine functions; belief in my creative ability; Full tummies and the contentment itself. Yes I had created that. :)

What had started out with irritability and tension really felt like a good day.


  1. so nice to hear that by the end of ur day u were feeling better. sorry to hear about the cut in your hours tammy. fingers crossed that things can only get better

  2. Sounds pretty good to me too Sweetie.It really does cut you up when your hours get less hey??? I felt that way at the beginning of the year.It really freaked me out, but now I am happy and enjoying that bit of me time .Try not to think about it too much T.All will be well in the world and something else will come along.Really enjoying looking at all you have been creating with your new sewing machine

  3. sounds like a lovely day in the end. I had one of those too actually today... now my entire scrap stash is out of boxes after moving!! woohoo! :)

  4. Life's simple pleasures are the most valuable, aren't they Tammy.
    Great to hear you made the best of what started out as a bad day.
    Those fabrics look gorgeous, can't wait to see what you are creating :)


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