Creative catch up.

First Sab's Scarf...
Coming along nicely though a little neglected the last few days with the big celebration and preparation for it!

I did take time to sit down last night and water colour a stamped image, inspired by my friends Ros, Mel and Leah. I used derwent water colour pencils and a brush with water. I made a card for my sweeties birthday and I have had this Windy Tilda stamp for over a year but it is very much like her now with the long plaits and always running around outside with something for collecting rocks, leaves etc in her hand.

I'm so happy to have had three respondents for the PIF Ros, Debra and Sally, post the PIF on your own blogs and I am really excited to create something for each of you and already have my thinking cap on. Can you girls please email me your addresses, Though I do think I have them on record from RAK list's I just want to be sure.


  1. oh wow, that scarf really takes my fancy - the wool is so gorgeous and looks lovely with all the different tones.

  2. Such gorgeous colours in Callum's scarf, Tammy! I bet he can't wait to wear it! It looks like it's coming along nicely :)

    She's such a cute little Tilda, and I'm sure DD would have loved her this morning! Glad I could offer some inspiration as well.

    BTW, I saw your cute little stamped images yesterday that you sent (ah-hum) quite a while ago. {feeling quite embarassed) I'm so norty, I know, but I am waiting til I get my COPICS to colour them in with now, as I don't want to stuff them up! Can't wait to create a card with them!!! I just wish that international postie would hurry up!!

  3. looks luscious and warm that little Tilda too...sooo cute:)

  4. It was so great to catch up on your blog tammy, loveing the scarf so far, and that card is way too gorgeous.

    Carole xx

  5. love the colours on the scarf, looks great


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