Beautiful Birds

In July last year a lone king parrot came to our tree tray for a drink.

Sometime between then and now Two king parrots came for a drink.

Today we had a visit from 3!!
At about 9.30 Lil looked out and said MUM a King Parrot!! I turned to see a female sitting on the tray drinking. Then she exclaimed Mum two king parotts and I looked following her gaze and saw a male and perhaps a juvenile sitting in another tree, I excitedly said three Miss Lil! ... 3 King Parrots!!

Then there was a bit of confusion as she hadn't actually seen the one closest on the water tray. LOL.

I got a great silhouette pic of the female, but sadly no good ones showing the beautiful green of the female birds. They sat in two trees side by side the male out in one tree and the other two closer together.

So here is the fluffed up male.

This one I assume to be an immature bird, perhaps a second female. I don't really know enough about them or their natures to say. It sat deeper and lower in the tree.

I believe this one was certainly female and makes a beautiful silhouette against the winter sky.

Now would you believe that as the sun starts shining down, right now as I am posting I hear some Rosella chatter out side the window so sneak out to see what it's all about and capture this lil fella, must have just been happy to see some sun ... like me!


  1. How exciting that they have brought their baby back!!
    We have a couple of Magpies that bring their young back every year, we must have a good yard for "catch your own meal" training ;)

    Glad you are getting to see a little sunshine!!

  2. Beautiful photos. :)


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