New toy gives rise to other 'needs'

I had a play on Sunday night and did a lil mock up of what I was thinking along the lines of for DD's goody bags. I totally cut all the corners in this piece as it was primarily a 'test drive' and discovery play.

In the process of doing that I realised that the pin cushion I had made do with for Scrap booking wasn't going to cut it for sewing.

So this was the scene on my dining area floor last night as I dug out one of those 'this will be really good for something one day' pieces of dense foam, that used to be the display part of a watch case.

Along with all my fabric scraps, some new purchases and embroidery supplies. I made a new pincushion, inspired by a square one I saw on Rhonda Jeans blog a couple of weeks ago. I used the dense foam as a base, then piled on some layers of wadding, using the square foam as a type of last. I pinned all the fabric onto it and stitched it together, then removed the foam put the wadding in, replaced the foam stretched and re pinned the sides to the base and finished it off with a square of felt stitched in place. Perhaps I should have taken some pictures of the process, but I was in the zone.

Its a bit ironic that I did all of that hand stitching to aid me when using my new sewing machine. Today I am working on the actual goody bags.


  1. Wow T! that looks great!!
    ...and lol at all the handsewing :)

  2. Hmmm I've only had my latest sewing machine for 8 years and still haven't gotten around to making a pin cushion. Keep telling myself I need one.

    It looks great.

  3. Great to see the gorgeous results of your creativity lately Tammy.
    You seem to be really enjoying trying some new crafts.
    The pincushion is so pretty & the goody bags look like they'll be awesome.
    Enjoy your new sewing machine :)


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