My creative daughter.

I am by nature an organiser.
I am creative and enjoy craft activities.

My daughter likes me to spell out words for her to write on her lists as she creates them. List used to cause much frustration before she could write and spell and so lists were created by used of drawn images.
My daughter is creative ... not as in likes craft activities ... as in super sonic creative. The things she comes up with and creates not at almost 5 amaze me!

Sometimes her creativity and the mess associated with it drive me quite batty to say the least.

So as were are now two weeks out from the small 5th birthday party there was a bit of head butting regarding the ideas for the invites, food, games etc. My excited little girls brain went into overdrive as she started to think about her very first birthday party with friends invited, and she was using the idea base of all the extravagant parties she went to as her friends turned 4 last year.

I started to ponder if our own simple ways would make the grade. Then from school came a free magazine 'Canberra Child ' I think is the title, aptly themed Birthdays or Parties.
I read two great articles one that particularly stood out to me with very witty writing detailing how politically correct pass the parcel has become, from the simple game with one winner, not necessarily the birthday child, that it was when we were kids.

So a calm descended upon me as I thought this is who we are and five little kids really don't care! If anyone else does then .... well ... if they don't see value in how we are living or what we are doing then ... they just don't.

Last night as I ran through my food choices with LOML and detailed that we are not buying chips, lollies, or soft drink as these are not items we consume in our home he nodded and agreed, then laughingly added that our kids will hate us when they grow up because we wouldn't let them have soft drink.

So today, my beautiful Daughter headed off to preschool with our creatively compromised invitations in hand. I am proud to say compromised by both parties. :)

One of my preferred food options is mini pies ( made at home ) so you'll hear all about my adventures on the quest to work out how to make and provide a quantity of these, that hold their shape and look delicious, suitable for storage and cooking on the day.


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  2. We have the same free magazine up here called Brisbane Child and I loved reading all the articles on parties as I prepared for Jake's small and simple afternoon tea party. It is so good to see similar opinions to your own, I think they may just be the opinions of the 'silent majority'!

    We didn't have chips and lollies either and no one missed it...but they all enthused over the homemade food we had, even the parents!

    I love all of Rachel's creations, she certainly is a very creative girl!!

  3. Tammy,
    Your daughter sounds so precious. I was reminded of my son's creativeness while reading.

    I love reading Sydney Child even still with my kids almost grown up, youngest is 14.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I added a reply if you'd care to read it.


  4. Tammy I really love what ur daughter is doing. So glad that ur the type of mother that will nurture that as well. as far as party food goes tammy, i find most the time there is way too much left cause the kids are more interested in having fun than the food, and why be someone ur not anyway.


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