I finished her Scarf!

It took me two weeks.
We decided to go heavier on the pink in the fringing as pink is the favourite colour. Looking at it though I think the pink is a bit too heavy, I might yet add a little more colour in.

Here is is modeled by its gorgeous owner who could just as easily wear it as a shawl, but she loves it just the same.


  1. Gorgeous T!
    She looks toasty warm :)

  2. Gorgeous scarf Tammy! It looks so cute on her.

  3. Awww doesn't she look pretty with it on Tammy, and very happy too by the smile on her face.I like the pink actually.

  4. She looks so please with it tammy. i think it's gorgeous and i love the pink.

  5. The scarf is just gorgeous, just right for such a beautiful little girl. Very good job.


  6. It looks wonderful, Tammy! And what a cutie pie you've got there!

  7. Love the scarf it is very pretty.

  8. What a gorgeous model you have there, Tammy, and a beautiful scarf too! You've done a fantastic job, and I love all that pink! I'm sure DD does too!!


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