Crafty Stirrings

I love the blush I see in the iceberg roses at this time of the year.

A strange thing is has started happening since I began knitting again ... I am getting ... re gaining ... really already have an amazing tactile creative bug ... A big bug! One i haven't had since I was making clothes in my late teens.
I am Day dreaming about a sewing machine, possibly buying one tomorrow.
Getting a buzz each time I pop something new into my knitting basket, like the wool for Sabs scarf or the brightly coloured Bamboo/cotton fibre I popped in there yesterday earmarked for another dish cloth.
I spend much time perusing Etsy and tagging favourites and wondering do I really *need* that gorgeous felt needle book/organiser and asking myself is it really worth that much. I have the money set aside for it but have resisted so far telling myself its only a small amount but if I tucked it into my Super now it would be smarter (with the Govt co contribution.) though it still just sits in my account waiting for a decision.

I'm almost finished Lil's Scarf, Yes Mel I did match the wool and of course I will show the finished product Leah! Hopefully in a few days!


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