Changing with the times.

My blog that is.

I barely create with paper these days as so much of my time is absorbed with baking, Menu planning, cooking from scratch, de cluttering, gardening and of course all the regular bits of life. Cleaning, washing, child care, pre School, paid work ....

My life itself is an evolving creative process so I will try to look after this poor neglected blog a little better and share some of my other more present, perhaps interesting pursuits here.

Right now I have picked up knitting needles and am enjoying knitting.
As I get into it again enjoying it even more as I build a rhythm and remember things about my past knitting experiences.
There are some visibly obvious mistakes in the dishcloth as I jumped in too soon thinking I could remember a 4 row pattern without referring to it and reversing it in the early stages, by this time I had already unraveled about twelve rows twice after my first two attempts and decided to just leave it be, accepting that I hadn't knitted for at least 20 years so some mistakes were bound to occur. Its a different, better, kind of satisfaction in wiping a table clean with something I made in my hand, even if it is imperfect.

These chrysanthemums were an irresistible impulse buy yesterday as I purchased a frozen meal for lunch they were being marked down from $16.00 each to $1.00 each so I bought two bunches. Not even a hint of wilt yet. : )

As soon as Lil saw me knitting she asked for a scarf so that is what I am working on now, it is a twelve row pattern of a simple rib and row of basic lace work holes at intervals, these are not really obvious with this thick wool, so I have stretched it out for the pic. in the first twenty five or so rows of this I worked out I was doing something wrong too, the first row and about half the second row of holes they are back to front! LOl.
There are some really great easy patterns at the last site I linked.

Now as I knit I am thinking up basic patterns for a Scarf for Mr and imagining a matching beanie for Lil.
I feel a satisfaction in knitting in that it is doing a repetitive easy task which produces results and takes little thought, like a stupid face book game application , but with something good at the end of it, something tangible, that gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction.

I even salvaged my old picnic basket from the garage clean out and freecycle list, washed the liner and now have a very nice and practical knitting basket!


  1. YAY Tammy, so great to see you blogging again.Have really missed reading your posts.Your knitting is fantastic girl.Love your dish cloth, and the colours in Rachels scarf are funky and bright.I bet she loves having that wrapped around her neck to keep warm this chilly winter.You surely got a good bargain with those Chryssies too.I don't know why they ahve to be so expensive.Hope you quite a few more days enjoyment out of them.Stay warm and take care ...xxoo Mel

  2. Sounds like you've got your priorities all sorted, Tammy! Good to hear you are enjoying a new hobby as well! Your knitting looks fabulous so far, and I wouldn't have even noticed the back to front stiches if you hadn't mentioned them! Can we have a peek when you've finished too??

  3. Wow Tammy. I love the 'homely' sound of the things your doing. The dishcloth looks cool and i love the colours and patten of the scarf. can't wait to see more.

  4. Hi followed your link on Rhonda's comments.
    I love the colour of your dishcloth, I too have been bitten by the knitting bug after making a few dishcloths. The scarf is very preetty too, can't wait to see the beanie.


  5. Hi Tammy! I'm so inspired by your knitting. I started a bag months ago, and it's in my knitting basket, unfinished. I should really dig it back up already! But I might just have to go for the quicker gratification of doing a dishcloth - what a great idea!

    You are so right about how it is a much more fulfilling pastime than facebook quizzes (which I am such a sucker for!). Time for me to get off the nets and get my hands into something real. :)

  6. Hi, You left a comment on my blog "breathing" at the URL aclutteredlife.blogspot, which link you followed from Rhonda. And now here I am commenting on your blog. Rhonda may have started more than she realized!

    I'm so excited about actually having comments on my blog! I left a comment to your comment. About knitting. LOL You mentioned it in your comment. I am planning to take it up (knitting) and do some dish cloths, (inspired by Rhonda again).

    I have no idea of what mistakes might be present in your dish cloth, BTW. The scarf is lovely too. And the photo of the chrysanthemum is too.

    I have one plant that was blooming in my backyard just last week, with two blooms that had fallen to the ground. I thought of cutting them but decided to leave them. I had no idea anyone would pay that much for them!


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