5th Birthday party in Pictures

Starting with early preparation, what the kids mostly did, food, Birthday cake, mess and goody bag contents - Because I am just too tired to write much else! LOL.
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  1. oh Tammy, the delight on Rachel's face says it all.Looks like everything went over perfectly.yay, and Happy Birthday Rachel.Those Cupcakes look sooo inviting.I bet they were yummy

  2. It all looks perfect!!
    Love the goodie bag and the tower of cupcakes...hope you got to enjoy it too T :)

  3. Rachel's expression says it all Tammy ...she loved it...capture that memory... well done on not overdoing it..:)xx

  4. great photos tammy. her little eyes are sparkling.

  5. Ohhh... yum!! I want one of those cupcakes!! Great job, Tammy! Love the tower! Looks like you had just the right amount of food too!! LOL! Love the day in pictures! Great memories for Rachel and her friends, I'm sure!

  6. That's so sweet and the photo with the cupcakes is adorable! Glad it all went so well.

  7. I love the party bags. I am planning a party and would love to do something like that!


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