Canberra balloon Spectacular.

This morning we set off on our annual visit to the Balloon Spectacular.
It was grey and dull but much better weather in terms of getting kids out in it.
This year it is about 6 weeks earlier than it was last year.
We were a little behind our ideal Schedule and didn't leave home until close to 7 am.
On our way in we saw the sky already full of balloons.
As we got out of the car this was our closest view.

Walking to the inflating area a snapped a shot of this one not long off the ground and then one of another still on the ground, for some perspective.

The kids immediately spotted the lady bug and Birthday cake so that is where we headed.

and before too long they were both in the air.

They were the last two left on the ground. So we decided to head for home stopping at the supermarket to buy some bacon and eggs then to cook ourselves up a hearty Canberra Day breakfast ; )

This last one is not the best shot but I am so happy with it considering it was taken from a moving car on Commonwealth Ave Bridge.
The lines in the fore ground being the bridge rails and the colourful building a little way back is the National Museum.

The road we come in and go home on gets us a much closer perspective of the balloons in the air and we were actually lucky to get a brief view of a landing field too!


  1. Beautiful photos T!
    We have never been so it is wonderful being able to look at these shots.

    Love the shot from the bridge!

    Rachie xx

  2. They look great T!
    Sounds like a nice morning out.

  3. AWESOME...Would love to see something like this with my own eyes.Love the photos Tammy and the Hearty Canberra breaky sounds pretty darn yummy to me.Hope you had a nice weekend!!

  4. Looks fantastic T ... The lady bug and cake look great.

    Boy hasn't Callum grown up :D

  5. WOW those are awesome photos! What a lovely way to start the day!
    Hope you enjoyed your breakfast too!

  6. Gorgeous pics Tammy! Love that cute little lady bug!

  7. Hi Tammy,

    I've nominated your blog for an award - just pop over to my blog to collect it -

    I've enjoyed viewing your blog so thank you for sharing!

    Annie xx :D


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