Organic Skincare

Back in Sept when researching organic I came across this link to a place called EllyB skin care, an Australian Company.

Not happy with my supermarket products and pining for my Clarins that I can not regularly afford as a mum of two, a brand I got hooked on as a Single career focused girl, I decided to give it a try.

In hindsight with a laugh I realise that the reason it appealed to me and I followed the link to have a look is because I have quite a good friend named Ellie who's Sir Name begins with B. We worked together at some stage along with another Ellie so my friend was identified as Ellie B.

I seriously can not give high enough praise to these beautiful products. They go onto and into my skin beautifully, Smell nothing but Divine and are delivered gift wrapped as an added Bonus - with ribbons and everything : ) !

For the first week of using a new cleanser and moisturiser my skin missed those petro chemicals that were drying it out and went a bit red but as my skin felt and smelt so good I persisted and 5 months later can't imagine using anything else on my skin.

So the point of this post is just to urge you, if you are unhappy with what you are using, to try this good Aussie organic product. You might love it as much as I do ...


  1. Wow! even the packaging looks super scrummy!
    I'm loving your latest LO's Tammy and the gorgeous pics of your lovely family too!
    It's my last day in London tomorrow, so hopefully as soon as we are settled in the new house, I'll have more time to visit.
    Take care
    Nicola xx


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