A liitle bit of creating : )

At the start of this month when DS's new bedroom furniture arrived, I nabbed the old wardrobe. I had done a bit of pre measuring and felt quite confidant that all my stash would fit in here.
Prior to this I had a trestle table set up in our bedroom. Oh it is so nice to have it all out of there and changes the way I create now as I have to pack up each time I finish I can't leave things laying on my table.

This way actually works quite well for me, and puts things into better view in most cases. MY CS and PP is up on eye level. With this system I take out what ever basket, drawer, box or container I am using and work from it on the table. The cupboard is quite conveniently located in a corner right by our dining table, So I leave the doors open and have stuck a few of my fave creative gifts and cards inside the doors to make me smile. : )

Here are the first two pages I have created from this space : )
We bought the kids these bakers outfits for Christmas, they have an oven glove too but of course it doesn't get any use at this stage. MY daughters set is pink with coloured spots.

This one was for Kylie's Aqua and white colour challenge at Scrap Pile last week.
I struggled to find Aqua in my stash, I'm more a turquoise girl ; )

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great weekend, mine is busier than usual.


  1. just gorgeous Tam. love the colours. the wardrobe is awesome too, fab space!

  2. It all looks so nice and tidy T, I just adore that LO of C with his chef hat on.Such a great memory to scrap.Good to see you updating more often now too with all your creations

  3. love these pages. the little chef outfit is gorgeous. wow, i can really see how much ur babies have grown

  4. Love your cupboard set up Tammy! Cute LO too!

  5. Love the new storage :) gorgeous pages too T :)


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