On the 31st Dec we ....

... took the kids up to Black mountain Tower ( formerly known as Telstra Tower and still often called that in our house LOL )
There was much excitement to actually be there and not just seeing it far away in the distance.

As you can probably tell when you notice DD's feet are not on the ground.

This is in the lift on the way up!

We Took heaps of photos and walking up on the external viewing platform in the crazy wind was child like fun. This photo is of some group 'flying' we did.

and these last photos with some editing are three of my faves of our family.


  1. Great photos Tammy!! Look forward to an eually great LO with these!!
    Have a great day

  2. Hey T, I love those stunning B&W photos...just can't wait till they are scrapped.What a nice shot of you and DH too.Looks like the kids had a ball seeing the tower.It looks a long way up

  3. Nice close day Tammy...love dd's braid, nice work...these days' are magic hey?...make a note to have plenty this year..xx

  4. Gorgeous photos Tammy. Looks like you all had a fantastic day!


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