Heres a LO I did for Simonne's sketch challenge at Scrap Pile
I blurred out Spiderman's face as he was quite recongnisable, there were 6 spiderman's - or should that be spidermen ... at this actual party so I though leaving his hair was OK.

I love the rich colours and bold patterns in the BG Ambrosia ... I am noticing a bit of a broadening in my pattern tastes these days.

Its a nice wintery day here ... Yes I did say wintery and it is nearing the end of November - Yes I was using sarcasm when I said nice!
Mind you I would rather this than the Crazy 30 somethings I will be complaining about in Jan.

I had a nice Birthday last weekend, Thanks for all the wishes!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. Such a rich layout, lovely, I also love the BG Ambrosia range just Tammy it is gorgeous.

    Carole xx

  2. I so love that range of paper Tammy. Love the layout. I think its crazy, almost the end of november and here I am cooking a pot of soup for dinner, its felt like June here this weekend


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