This is not a Scrappy post but something that is consuming a lot of my thoughts and home efforts ATM as I try and improve the health of myself and my family most especially my children. I urge everyone to look at this and if you agree please sign the petition and tell your friends with kids about it too. 

  The Kids First Campaign launched tomorrow Six artificial colours, which are being removed from all food in the UK after scientists likened their detrimental effects to those of lead on children's development, are the focus of a new campaign supported by over 100 influential health professionals, educators, food manufacturers and children support service providers. The campaign unites the three leading food additive consumer advocates in the country, Julie Eady from Additive Alert, Sue Dengate from the Food Intolerance Network and Kathleen Daalmeyer from Additive Education. The Kids First Campaign will demand that Australia's Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) follow the UK's lead by placing consumers first and banning the six additives in question from Australian food. Please sign the on-line petition now! The importance of this Campaign is that, when successful, it will be the first time that food regulators have accepted the importance of behaviour and learning as criteria in approval processes. These six colours (Tartrazine 102, Quinoline Yellow 104, Sunset Yellow 110, Carmoisine 122, Ponceau Red 124 and Allura Red 129) are in the process of being withdrawn in the UK and from the end of 2009 will carry a warning in the EU "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children." You can help by signing the on-line petition now! ***** Watch "TODAY TONIGHT" on Channel 7 Monday 8th September at 6.30pm to see the launch of the THE KIDS FIRST CAMPAIGN ***** Further information: See more background information See Australian list of foods with nasty colours thanks for your support of this initiative


  1. Done :o)

    This stuff shouldnt be in food.

  2. Hi Tammy, I just went to sign the petition , but it isn;t there for some reason.I agree with you, that these things need to be stopped for our childrens future.

  3. I've done it too and will put it on my blog :)

  4. Hey thrilled i visited today. Will be watching with my dd tonight. She needs to see this too. Thanks so much for the heads up:)
    Have a great hard working day :)

  5. Having had a DS who was terribly affected by red & orange food colourings, I'd be more than happy to sign the petition Tammy.
    The change, in my DS's behaviour & ability to learn, after we eliminated the colourings was nothing short of a miracle.

  6. It's a great campaign.

    I realised that I had the fedup site bookmarked from last time I started cutting out the preservatives.

    I am going to try and be alot more conscious of it again as I have got a little slack lately.

    Thanks for the nudge :)

  7. Here I am in full force Tammy, been and done.

    Carole xx

  8. Will go and sign it :) thank you so much for the website info I have cut out the milk I would norm give joel and now give him the a2 milk oh my gosh the difference in him is amazing, thank you so much.

  9. will do, and will put it up over at SOLE Mama's as well.


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