Hi All,
Heres a LO I put together over the weekend using the new Rose Moka PP... I love the gorgeous rich colours in the designs! This little RW laser cut chipboard fairy seemed like the right finishing touch for a LO titled story time.
I decided to try out glittering my doodlebug stickers but I really wasn't happy with the bumblebee glitter on the white sticker so I went back over it with flocking and I LOVE how it came up!!

I have really been making the most of this winter sunshine and spending at least an hour but more like a couple of hours out in the backyard most days. Our yard is a largely barren shell after a swimming pool was removed last year. So I'm just pottering trying to create a small flower bed under a tree and clean up assorted sticks/stones etc. The kids are mostly having fun 'pottering' with sticks and stones pretending they are so many assorted items , its interesting to see the various scenarios they create.
Yesterday I googled some choc chip biscuit recipes, for us to try out today.
Sometimes I wonder how I got by before I discovered Google. While searching compost recently, it has opened up my eyes to such a wealth of information and opportunity to improve the way we live and reduce our consumerism.


  1. A bit of a different and grungy look for you there Tammy - looks good!

  2. It's gorgeous Tammy! I LOVE that chipboard fairy! xx

  3. Love those colours Tammy. You really know how to make any colour combination 'talk'. Well done. Love the look of that flocking on the stickers too - very nice. The fairy is gorgeous.

  4. Love your L/O the grungy fairy is a great addition. Hope you keep getting sunshine to enjoy.

  5. Hi Tammy!!

    I am IN LOVE with this design and layout!!! SO fabulous!!

    Hope you're well!


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