A very chilly hello, through chattering teeth from me to you this morning.
Our central heating is on the blink and it is .... a nice crisp 12 deg in here right now!

Yesterday I got a box of new not yet released laser cuts OMG .... such a pity I have to work today as I have mojo abounding!
You'll have to keep your eyes open for these. You might see a peek or two before they appear in the shop.
Quite a while back I arranged for a friend to get me the SU french Script backgrounder, which is the stamp I used on the card in my last post, I have been bugging this friend for her bank account details since. Yesterday I get a note from her telling me that I have been PIFed so I'll be sending the note on and PIFing another unsuspecting person soon.
A very big and most appreciative Thank you to Rach for this kind act.

This LO comes from a 'phase' I am going through ATM of trying to push myself out of my comfort zone of running things in a top to bottom left to right diagonal line on my pages.

looking at it now I'm lol because I still did it though not to the same degree ....

The blue CS is an excess divider page from my stamp storage sheets - waste not want not ; ) Thats why it has three big brads up the top to fill the holes ... lol.
I love these photos of the girls, it made me think about how as an adult I have grown apart from cousins I played with frequently as a child.
I'm not really into crowns either but these came to me in a swap and ... fitted perfectly IMO.

OK well thats it from me, enjoy whats left of your weekend and I do hope you are warmer than us!


  1. Hiya Tammy :)

    oh this is a BEAUTIFUL LO!
    how clever of you to use the divider page! it looks wonderful!
    and I love the crown!

  2. Hi Tammy - Sorry I haven't got here earlier. Thanks for dropping by my blog...:D

    Love your layout - looks fabulous!

    Enjoy your evening.


  3. So beautiful Tammy, and I can see why you love the photos.

    Carole xx

  4. The photos are gorgeous Tammy!
    It was a great idea to use the divider! and the big brads covering the holes look like a fabulous design feature!
    I actually love crowns,(I have a crown punch sitting in my drawer that I recently purchased! and haven't used YET!!)So I think yours looks really sweet!
    Enjoy your week!
    Nicola xx

  5. Gorgeous Tammy

    I hope your central heating is fixed!!

    How are you doing?

  6. Hi Tammy, hope you aren't freezing your little bottoms off too much down there.Glad that you got the heating all fixed, and hope it doesn't happen again any time soon.Love your latest creation.The crown is the icing on the cake.Take care of you.


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