I've been doing a few Scrapping challenges lately, It's been giving me a starting point to help release the creativity that I have but have been unsure how to use.
A challenge I recently did at Scrap Pile has helped me to realise where that tunnel was going, I think I was trying to Scrap in a way that I used to but that isn't really 'right' for me at this point in time.
I have been wistfully aware for quite some time that the pages in my sons album contain a lot more information than those in my Daughters Album. Scrapping has been predominately about creating for me and in recent times I have read a few things about journaling that have just struck something me, and seem to be my truth.
It's hard to explain as I have been reading about journaling and the 'must' factor from various viewpoints for years and it hasn't affected me, I have gone through stages of journaling too, stages from NO journaling to big heaving heartfelt journaling and now here I am at another 'stage' not just a stage of journaling but a whole different perspective on my Scrapping I think!

In saying all this I'm not trying to say that my Scrapping has flipped from being about Creating to being about recording history, because enjoying the creative process is still the predominant 'why' behind my work. Things might just look a bit different now ; )

So heres a LO I did a few weeks ago when I felt like was deep in the dark tunnel.

and here is the same photo that I scrapped again in the last couple of days. The photo is a bit shadowy Sorry.

Well its an interesting journey and I feel like I'm on an open road now.