Hi everyone, Its Wednesday again and you know what that means ...
you can read some more of my amazing insight (read - waffle) about change today at the RW Blog and you'll also get to see a LO with some flocking!
And heres a little bonus ... sneak peek at one of this weeks new releases.

Oh and look who came down for a drink yesterday after our recent rain, We don't see a king Parrot too often here


  1. Hi Tam! Love your card. And what a fantastic bird photo!!!

  2. Wow! That's a fabulous photo tammy!
    and a beautiful card too! xx

  3. Love the shape of the PP on your card Tammy.That tree looks pretty good too.Love the flocking also.Am still waiting on mine.We are lucky up here to get King Parrots all year round.Aren't they stunning.

  4. hi tammy

    looks like you are getting all christmasy on us already... i so am not ready to go down that path already... i haven't even had my birthday yet.

    love your creations... but then again who wouldn't they are beautiful.. chat soon


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