Good morning all.
We have had our first really solid frost here this morning, everything blanketed and crispy looking, our neighbours rooftop shiny and slippery looking white. The kind of frost where you want to go out and make crunchy footprints on the grass (well you do when you are younger and not so susceptible to the cold!!)

I have been busy creating - when not sick - but it seems to be lots of things I am not able to share, working with new laser cuts for RW and on Whisper LO's for the BOXX I do have this card that I did for jewls SP card challenge recently....

Do you see the little bird up the top? he is flocked!
I got some doodlebug flocking powder and am having fun playing with it.
I seem to be going through some kind of creative tunnel ATM, I don't know where it's leading me and I am blindly following it, taking a detour here and there, I do feel a bit lost but hey I'm still creating and though not always happy with what I'm producing its all a learning process and taking me somewhere ... maybe new ... maybe just a bit way from where I was before ... who knows.

Thanks to the girls who popped over to the RW blog and visited me there I do a post there every Wed and can link it here if you want me too, just let me know!

Oh and in other news I think I might be in love with October afternoon stamps ...
I will let you know how it goes after our first date in about a week or so ; )


  1. Hiya T

    That card is gorgeous ... that tunnel you are in is leading you somewhere I am sure, I am still loving all your work.

    I am not sure if you received my message. But I am not able to get into the Boxx website at all. If you could please take me off the Whispers list and apologise. I might get Gareth to see if he can find out what is up with my pc

    Take Care

  2. Very cute Tammy! I LOVE that flocked birdie and the gorgeous pin too!
    I would love you to remind us by linking up to your other posts on wednesdays!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Nicola xx


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