Cream and Black Challenge.
This is a page i put together for my friend Mel's cream and Black challenge.
I have had this Crate Paper for such a long time and not known what to do with it!

I took this one to try and show the butterfly a bit better I'm pretty impressed, I inked it with black Brilliance and used a iridescent embossing powder, this photo still doesn't do it justice.

I'm over winter already, I think my tolerance gets less and less as I get older. I don't love the heat, but do need some regular sunlight to keep me balanced.

Can anyone explain to me why when I open up a container of red play doh and show it to my son for the first time he hesitantly puts it to his mouth - Obviously its something to eat right ????

Yet when I serve him Chicken and Vegetable stir Fry with Hokkien noodles he starts to cry, throws his spoon down and cries some more before lamenting Dinner , Dinnnneeeerrrrrrrr and then proceeds to cry and refuse to eat even one stick of carrot for the duration of the meal - Obviously this is some terrible thing i have given him instead of his dinner right?

I'm laughing now but boy that meal refusal wore me out two nights ago.
He put such emotion into that rejection!

I'm having terrible trouble making this post and feeling thankful for auto save though still very frustrated, every time I try and edit something I lose a block of text so I'll just leave it at this.


  1. Absolutely stunning Tammy! Love the cream and black combo! What a great photo! and beautiful paper too!
    and the close up of butterfly is great, it looks gorgeous! xx

  2. okes --- read the post.... make yourself a cuppa and when next you blog it will all be good... tracey logic... lol'

    take care ... and scrap yourself into oblivion as you have some awesome stuff posted .... and i am so envious... i so need to scrap tam.... take care

  3. Beautiful Lo, my kids have tried playdough too lol

  4. Tammy this LO is stunning... really love it!!

    My 2 have also gone through the meal refusal thing and still do to a certain degree :(


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