Some cards to Share today.
Thats mainly what I seem to have been creating lately - cards.

I did a LO in the last few days and have another on my desk now The first one has a not yet released RW laser cut on it. So I'll share it soon-ish.

I think I'll put my lack of creative productivity down to my new found love of Greys Anatomy!
I started watching it at the start of this season and then just had to know the history so have now made it through almost every episode (except those lots of bits - a season in an episode - specials) up to the end of season three. Ready now for the final of Season 4.
What will I do now with no Greys? Maybe get creating again???? lol.

Hmmm... my purple and Yellow Colour expert comp LO made it up onto the wall again this year, but I also didn't win again this year ... lol.
I was up in Bris I didn't get to see all of my friends and I am Sorry. I mainly went to meet up with the Scrap Pile girls who seemed to be trekking there from far and wide to go to the convention so it was a great opportunity to meet the friends I have made there online in the last year.
We had lunch on the Friday of the LWE and it was great to put some dimension and real warmth into their personalities by seeing and speaking instead of just typing! YKWIM!!

Ok I call that a post ... my 200th post at that!
Feeling a bit distracted and flat so will bid you all adieu, enjoy what is left of the weekend!


  1. You came to Brissie??? :)

    Love the cards, especially what you did with that cute little tree :)

  2. Love the little tree and the colour it is inked :)

  3. LOL I was thinking the same thing Jaki! Gorgeous Tammy.

  4. I didn't know you were in Brisbane!

  5. Gorgeous cards Tam, love that tree to, and the colour too.
    Have a great week x

  6. I am loving your cards ATM Tammy. And especially what you are doing for RWPC (keeping an eye on that blog too).
    I was talking to Kristy-Lee at indoor cricket on Thursday and she mentioned that she had seen you at the show.


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