A matter of perspective....

I created this for the Metal stage of the mixed media challenge at BB.
It is really representative of how I'm feeling ATM and I refer to it as my going dotty, seeing red, missing a piece of the puzzle, needing wisdom and trying to tie it all together piece.

Talking to my 4 yo daughter last night I was told that she had been looking at and liked it, which really surprised me because I don't find it really visually appealing and would never expect a little girl to.
I asked her what she liked about it and she says' Well I really like the little sleeping owl and the pretty flower and the star!'

So now that piece speaks to me on another level...
Because a star is hopeful, an owl can open its eyes, and yes there is beauty in what might seem chaotic, which she sees in a flower!

I never considered the owl as sleeping.

I didn't know what I would use this piece for but I think I now have a LO right here in this post!


  1. Love what it represents to you. What a cutey DD for her comments. Can't wait to see your LO.
    Mel.lee x

  2. Sounds like a great piece for a new LO T,and I look forward to seeing what you create with this .It is so good to see you making LO's again.HUGS

  3. Hi Tammy!
    You've made lots of gorgeous creations since I was last here!
    Unfortunately I am finding less and less time to craft and blog hop these days, but I've enjoyed catching up with you today.
    I especially love your first ATC!
    I was drawn to that post as I also made my first ATC ever today! and like you, I also thought that I will eventually put it onto a card!
    Nicola xx

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and am LOVING IT! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!!!!


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