I have been experiencing a nice run of luck creatively lately!
This LO was featured in the Blue bazaar newsletter under the gallery spotlight and won me a GV at Scrap Pile too!

My stamp storage idea has gone into production at RWPC. Its a simple but GOOD system, of course I think its good, it was my idea! lol
You can read about it here and in that info you'll find a link to buy it alternately ask your LSS to open up an account and order it in for you as they can buy it from the RWPC Wholesale section.

In other news I sent off my Colour expert Comp entries with time to Spare this year only then to find out about the error in the wording and having to choose one piece to be judged.

Here are my two that I sent in unnecessarily.

Well this one, the one that was here, is going to be published so ... just one ....

I didn't take a picture of the inside of the card which is also done with the flocked MM and raspberry PP.
On the up side of the error for me I now have a really nice card for someone special, and Scrapped one of my older photos of DD, went through my stash searching for embellies and learned a new technique that I'll be sharing on the RWPC blog on Wednesday, Its one for glitter lovers and also those unsure glitter girls sitting on the love/hate fence, it might even have a tip for Glennie in there!


  1. They Look great Tammy Love the flower on your card and the LO Looks Lovely and bright.

  2. Love that layout! :D

  3. Tammy your LO is just DIVINE, and I wish you all the best in the competition.It is really nice when great things happen.I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    The colours you used to make your card are so yummy.Look beautiful together.

  4. well if the ones you have rejected look this good then I can't wait to see the one you have chosen for your winning entry! I was also caught out by the wording and then absolutely busted a gut to get them all in on time and posted from this far off place that I live. Not happy about that actually. They can choose which one they like to award my prize to and they better publish the other two while they are at it!!!

  5. Yay for all that good news T :)

    Love your first LO, it is quite a famous LO now, I've seen it in a few different places now...you might have to submit it too ;)

    Your stamp keeper is fantastic!!
    So proud of you for these great ideas that you have and then work towards making happen.

    And your SC colour LO and card are great too...you are on a creative roll atm :)

  6. Love the subtle colours in your Lo- also great idea for stamps! well done- hope it makes you rich!!!

  7. Love the LO's! Good luck with the comp.
    Mel.lee x

  8. Thought the other Tam J better come for a visit...lol
    Love your work, thanks for visiting, have a great week...Tam


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