More Birds

These guys came down for a forage again today. I don't mind them coming down because any seed they crack open is one less that will sprout a seedling that we will have to get rid of.
We by no means have a beautiful yard or garden but I do love that the birds love it so some things just wont change. I am slowly working at self seeding ground covers etc to fill the gaps and get rid of some weed space but I don't do it with any kind of regularity.

So there were 4 of them today and we sat on the steps and actually managed to get quite close to them. I have to say I was slightly alarmed when I saw this going on (below) as I was concerned for the two daisy seedlings you see either side of his head behind him, they were seeds I 'took' from a deadhead in someone else's garden as I passed and I sprinkled the dozen with abandon near to here , these two sprouted but have been getting an extra helping hand from me with water when I see the wilt start up, I know they'll be OK once well established.

I was quite delighted to see this lil red head creeping up, a bit of a party crasher but still keeping a safe distance from the big fellas. ( See the Rosella in the background behind the plant? I couldn't get a better shot of him.)
The Cockatoo he's stalking hit the jackpot and has an old crab apple in his mouth.

And what is it that they forage for with such relish?
These, already feasted upon, plum seeds....

I'll share some creating soon.
Oh and maybe some hot air balloons tomorrow.


  1. Hi Tammy. We have the some beautiful cockatoos that come to our place to eat walnuts. It started out with one a couple of years ago and now there are three that come.
    They are very sensitive and fly away the instant they see movement at the back door. I need a big lens to capture my back yard visitors.


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