I am getting better at this regular blogging lately. Getting back in to the swing of it I guess now that I am not feeling obligated to have the same Forum presence and comment on most LO's uploaded in online galleries on sites where I am a DT member.
I did something a bit naughty toady and succumbed to purchasing some Magnolia Stamps, naughty in light of our financial situation ATM, It's just one of those month where the expected bills are huge and then there have also been some really unexpected big ones to deal with in light of Electrical appliance failures. Back to happy Scrappy and creative talk now : )
I have been seeing signatures popping up all over blog land lately and so decided to create myself one, such a fickle trend follower ... lol Its a truly gorgeous Autumn day here and I took some photos when out walking earlier but have yet to upload and inspect, will share next post if any are great. I LOVE Autumn , I think perhaps even more than spring, though I won't too hastily declare it for sure, as I do also love Spring!

Here is another of my cards from last Months Scrap Needs goodies, I am really inspired and doing a few hasty sketches that need more work for RWPC products (well potential products they do have to get the official OK from the Barn first)

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!


  1. hi tammy!!

    i LOVE this color combo!! red and turquoise are simply YUMMY together!!

    so beautiful! nice job!

    hope you're well!


  2. oh how scrummy is your card...love the colour combo, just beautiful!

    P.S. Yes, those pics were taken very close to Goulburn :))

  3. gorgeous cards tammy - and good on you for keeping up to the blogging challenge... tisn't that hard... says i who can't keep up ...lol..

  4. Just popping by to say hi Tammy....i must finish my blog...i pine for it actually ...sounds silly i suppose but is something i have wanted to finish for ages...have a beautiful day...I hope you are feeling better
    Deb xx

  5. Love your cards Tammy-they have a scrapbooking style about them.

  6. Love your card Tammy..very spiffy..
    I like your blogger LO too same as mine except i tweaked mine a tad LOL
    ♥ xoxo


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