Hi all, assuming of course that anyone is actually reading LOL.
First up I must apologise for the missing punctuation in the last post, on what should have read, 'Seize the cupcake' not I stamped seize the cupcake.
I had a t least one person wondering what this technique of Stamp seizing was.
Thanks for the giggle sweetie I do hope you are laughing too.

I have chosen to share one of my cards that are appearing in the Scrap needs April newsletter. I am working for Scrap Needs as I won the card making Apprentice comp. Julie has graciously asked/let me do one last month in addition to the term that was a part of my prize. How could I resist the chance to work with some of the amazing new CHA product she is constantly uploading (I'm working with Dream Street Birdy bits for May but shhhh)

This card is put together with Jenni Bowlin and the sweet Cosmo Cricket honey pie PP.
A few bits and pieces from my stash, ribbon flowers etc.

Now I have been drawing up some designs for Kathy and I proposed an idea to her just before Paperific and she has come back to me with some preliminary photos of what she did with my idea ... I'm excited ... this one needs a bit of testing ... but you'll probably be seeing it (and wanting it if you are a stamper) by hmmmm... I'm guessing the end of April to Mid may but don't hold me to it OK.

I haven't done anything with Paper in the last few days , have been experimenting with Tim Holtz crackle paint on RWPC chipboard laser cuts! Nice! have been drawing and have a cool 7G frame thingy that I got a few weeks back sitting on my desk and an idea starting to formulate for what to do with it.
If you are at all interested in birds or sweet, cute, irresistible dragons you must check out the latest products in the RWPC shop too.


  1. Pffft puctuation is completely over-rated anyway.

    Your blog punctuate when adn if you feel like it lol!

    Beautiful card!

  2. See spelling is over-rated too.

  3. Hey there! Love the cards. Can't wait to see what else you've been up to. :)

  4. Hey Tammy, Still reading what you have been up to and creating.Gorgeous card Hun.Thanks again for those yummy Green Taras.I have used a couple already.

  5. can't wait to see what is in the pipeline T :)

  6. I've enjoyed looking through your blog. Loads of inspiration and some gorgeous cards.


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