Balloon spectacular?

I think not...
Well not today ...
Thick fog and 6 balloons inflated from when we got there till when we left. All still tethered to the ground. It was too cold for the kids who were mostly miserable this year but did get some giggles and fun in.
We left home at about 6.30 so would have arrived close to 7 I guess and we left Old parliament house at 9.
All was not lost the Autumn colour was stunning. We did see a lovely fog shrouded war memorial across the way, appropriately serenely and soberly cloaked today. ANZAC day.
Here are just a few of my Fave photos from this morning.


  1. Hey Tammy...gorgeous looking eyes your family have....brrr it looks cold....i was just thinking about you the other day and the beauty you must be enjoying around you...i have some news i would like to share...its a bit longwinded...i might message you...enjoy your weekend...stay close and warm :)

  2. Hi Tammy, those pics are gret I especially love the one of the trees. And yes it looks freezing there.
    Chat soon Melx

  3. Fantastic photos Tammy and boy is your little man growing up fast.Love the photo of you and Callum n James and Rachel.At least you got some good photos of the morning.Shame about the fog though.


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