Not much news ...

from me today.
No images to share as the computer is being reformatted and I don't feel like going and searching the external HD for where DH has stored the photos.
I am busy just finishing up some cards for Scrap Needs.
I've changed size to 6 x 6 for two of the three and put effort of layering the gorgeous PP into them as I would for a LO. I'm really happy with them.
I'm a bit sad reading on the SP DT forum that the girls are getting their kits and knowing I wont be getting one and I guess with today being the 31st that today will actually be my last day to be able to even read that section!

I've got lots to do arounf here and three new sets of stamps sitting calling my name and I'm expecting two more images tomorrow with some ink ... and I did take advantage of Justines sale with a big ink and paint purchase too.
Yep I'm blushing at the amount I spent last week.

Well I will catch up soon with some pretty cards OK.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Sweetie....sorry I haven't been around much the past couple of days.With both of us working and me not feeling well ATM....time has just slipped by.Am thinking of you right now and sending you hugs.I cannot believe that you won't be a part of that side of SP either.I am really going to miss you , the support, knowledge and cammeraderie of partnership will be missed terribly.It definitely won't be the same, and we will do our best to continue the vision that we started together.Talk to you soon Tammy.


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