I knew it had been a long time ...
but didn't think it had been more than a month since I blogged ...
Well here are my latest creations for anyone who still might drop by for a peek! he he
I did an absolute PILE of cards leading up to Christmas, most of them not actually Christmas themed. Today I'll just post my recent LO's and say a public THANK GOODNESS its raining here and giving us some relief from the heat! maybe we will all get a good nights sleep tonight!

This is one I did just to try and get back into a LO groove after doing so many cards!

These two are Scrap Pile DT LO's The first one using KI Pop Culture and the second Love Elsie Noel, 5 photos on a LO very different for me but I do like! Justine has just added the grunge board to the shop and her pricing is pretty good too so check it out!


  1. great to see you have your groove on again tammy - enjoy your weekend!

  2. hey Tam, was wondering where you'd gotten off to :) LOVE your super star LO and the masked title, very clever. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment :) I am ok... just waiting for bubs to arrive and trying to stay cool! Have a great Sunday

  3. Good posting and nice photos, Tammy. Thank you.

    have a good weekend

  4. I was packing up to move to Antartica last night before that rain came Tammy - how many more days until Winter???!!!

    Bright red, stinky, sweaty people who are tired and grumpy because they cant sleep are, Im sorry to say, not attractive - how do people actualy LIKE Summer? :o)

    Bring on the 12 degree days.

    Beautiful layouts you definetly found your grove after doing your cards - I think my grove is already in Antartica waiting for me to get there.


  5. Looks like you've got your groove back!

  6. I see alot of the old Tammy James style in that last LO...are you heading for a style change again do you think??

    Hope the cooler weather holds for you, we are just starting to see some real summer weather up here, must have finally got its bearings and be heading home *rem*

  7. Just wanted to pop in, let you know i am one of those who will return :) a month sometimes is just like a breath hey, it could drive me insane..things whatever they be take time. Gee polishing the sink....but it looks so grand. Your little man / superstar layout is gorgeous, what a little spunky. Oh and the collage of you all having a rockin relaxing time on the floor is just beautiful. x

    Oh my blog is no complete :)

  8. Beautiful LOS!!!
    Love them!

  9. Gorgeous Layouts Tammy!!! I absolutely love the super star layout it is very eye catching...
    Glad you have got your groove back your layouts are all lovely...

    Hope the weather is still cool :)
    Take Care


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