I made it back from the retreat safe and sound!
and what a wonderful time I had.
Two days of uninterrupted Scrapping (except of course for my chosen interruptions)
wonderful company and superb organization ...
What more can a girl ask for?

Special mention to Sunday nights dinner company - Great to catch up with you ladies in a relaxed environment.
and My Monday girls - Laugh, Cry, Talk, Enjoy, Share, Bond. I can't imagine ever being out of contact with you girls Love each one of you!

I got 4 LO's done - I though my total was 5 but I wasn't entirely happy with one and its on my table now getting a bit of a rework, easier with all of my supplies at hand. I also had a go at an AliE style transparency Album which I am really happy with.

Being away gave me a bit of a change of perspective on some things in our life, I guess it's taking yourself out of your own environment that helps you to be able to see it more clearly and recognize things that need addressing.
I am very aware of 'dividing' lines in my home , physical ones not metaphorical. Things like furniture placement and where walls are ... LOL. While I won't be knocking walls down anytime soon I have re arranged our living area and had a big spring clean yesterday (I think there were enough crumbs under our couch cushions to feed a small country ... I know GROSS!!!)
I don't love the look of the new furniture placement but I do LOVE the feel, It has really achieved what I was wanting it to, making me feel connected with the children when we are each in our own 'typical' areas of the room. I am connected to them by a clear line of sight from almost anywhere and I face them now in my preferred position when folding washing, instead of being side on or having my back to them.
I still have quite a way to go on the 'spring Clean' front.

Here is one of my Fave LO's from the weekend.
Featuring some Remember When Scalloped strips and My new goodies MM Alphas which were a lucky dip gift! 'Thank you gifter I love them; and new AC rub ons too!


  1. :-D I really do love that LO Tammy and I am so glad we got to meet. I am already looking forward to the next one

  2. Beautiful Lo Tammy! Great Colors!


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