Well I braved the wind and went to Floriade yesterday. Its the first time in 3 or 4 years, I have wanted to go every year but babies and pregnancy have slowed me down and I let them stop me from going. I think I left it a bit late this year though.
Some of the flowers were still looking OK but a lot were past their Prime at this stage.

I like the people I saw off the beaten track and out of the wind Like this guy painting I didn't see his face and didn't want to disturb him so I hope he doesn't mind me sharing his seeming serenity on my blog.
There were also some girls drawing by the waters edge who let me take their pic.

This might give you an idea into how hard the wind was blowing, that's the water spurt/ fountain in Lake Burley Griffin.

Couldn't resist a shot of these little cuties I saw for sale as I was leaving, they even have shoes! Aren't they funky!


  1. wow! Tulips growing for real - I'd like to see that!

  2. Oh I just know I am not going to get there again this year.... especially hearing the flowers are past their prime .... lets face it, I am actually surprised any of the flowers have any petals after the wind of the last week - you were very brave!
    Great pics though :o)

  3. Que hermosos tulipanes! Los adornos estan muy originales!
    desde México.

  4. feeling very envious up here in Qld!!
    I keep thinking I would love to come back to Canberra for a visit around Floriade time...maybe next year ;)


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