The first three LO's are my DT LO's for this month using MME and Deja Views PP.

This one is the one i mentioned i was re working last post I'm pretty happy with it now but it's far removed from my original vision. Kristy lee gave me the photo frame charm and asked me to show her how I would use it. Thanks sweetie. It really finishes off the flower nicely.

I've been working on Christmas cards for a swap and I'm embarrassed to admit I am buying up circular stamps like they are going out of fashion....
The monthly CC is on at Scrap pile on Friday night - Halloween theme - lots of fun!

Oh and a footnote to my wonderful new positive energy flow furniture arrangement is that my kitchen is a pigsty now as I don't want to go into the other room! LOL!


  1. Tammy you are doing such beautiful work.
    Where do you find the time?

    Hope all is well over your side of town and good luck preparing meals in that kitchen :o)

  2. Gorgeous LO's Tammy :-D

  3. Had to have a chuckle about the positive flow furniture....'well, that worked well', but your layouts are beautiful,.... remember' A clean house is the sign of an UNCREATIVE mind'

  4. great layouts tammy - and its about balance if one room is working & the furniture is all good then the scales have to be down in another part to balance things -- suggest the hiring of a cleaner to help with your feng shui..lol.. i tried that one last night.

  5. Bellisimos todos tus trabajos!
    Cada layout esta precioso!

  6. They are all just beautiful!


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