Pencil Lines

It has been so long since I have done a pencil lines sketch.
But I have had a go at sketch 50 by Sarah van Wijck. I finally scrapped this photo I had of Baby Boy on the plane from Brisbane to Canberra when he was a baby. He flew so well! I have had the boarding passes etc sitting on my desk since Aug last year, this sticker turned out to be a perfect embellishment!
My take is a bit different to Sarahs sketch but I am happy with it.

This second page is one I did with a few Goodies from Remember When ( I love the primitve tree chipboard! ) and some yummy Pizzazzill From Scrap Pile.


  1. So beautiful, I love your style, and the great embellishments that you use!

  2. stunning LO's Tammy :-D

  3. ooohh, that primitive tree is very very nice. 2 fantastic layouts there Tammy - really nice :)
    Love, P

  4. wow those layouts are gorgeous! i have used that plane paper before too :D its so perfect!

  5. Very sweet :) Hope youve remebered to mail this to pencillines :)


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