Love this LO ...

... and not only because it has the little boy on it!

See that little chipboard laser cut boy? I designed him !
And his little friend ... I designed her too! ( See her on one of my projects soon )

They were dubbed Jack and Jill by Kathy and it stuck. I had considered calling them my DS and DD's middle names but when I said it out loud I realised with a laugh that they are actually the Christian names of another Scrapper's kids who is linked in my side bar.
To celebrate my first designs I would love to send someone a little RAK, so leave me a comment and if you want to have some fun send me an email or PM with what you think my kids middle names are ( as I don't really want to broadcast them to the world IYKWIM) and I will RAK someone with a Jack and Jill and some other random things too OK.

*edited* My kids have a different surmame than mine ( Thanks Cass lol )

Now everything you see on this Page are new products that will be released by Remember When soon!


  1. Congrats on the new designs Tammy!

  2. they have turned out fantastic Tammy. Love them. :-D

  3. I love the look of Jack and Jill, very cute:)

  4. Wow, how amazing to have your own designs turned into product!! Congrats. I love Jack and Jill :)

  5. Ohhh they are sooo cute Tammy, well done
    I will make a guess & send you an email, fingers crossed

  6. OH TAMMY!!!!
    YOU'RE AMAZING!!! how wonderful are they! Brilliant WORK my dear!

  7. Congratulations Tammy, you must be stoked. Well done, I love them!

  8. Hi Tammy, I have been looking at your work LOVE your style. Jack and Jill are absolutely gorgeous. I used to be into the country stuff, kind of takes me back to that era. Picked you up on OSS site. See ya Mel.lee

  9. Those little people are so cute!


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