Time for Change.

Well it is with some sadness that I announce I have resigned my position on the DT at One Stop Scrapping, I did this on Monday and have just been ironing out the last details with Tracey; I think that we are finished the fine tuning now and so I free to tell you. It was a very difficult decision as this has been my online home since I first discovered Scrapping and I have been lucky to make so many friends who share the same interest through the site.
I have served on the DT there for 19 months and the kit I did for Tracey in June for July ( the layouts I am showing on my blog now ) will be the last I do for OSS. I will still be heading up North in October and teaching my make and Take for the retreat which I am really looking forward to.
It has been wonderful working for and with Tracey and the DT at OSS, seriously you could not get a better bunch of women or more supportive environment.

You are probably wondering if this is such a wonderful place why I am giving it up and all that I can answer is that it is time for change, doing a guest spot with another business this month opened my eyes to different possibilities and made me realise the thoughts I had been having for some time. So I decided that it was time to bite the bullett so to speak and Cut my apron strings.
I have other 'prospects' in the scrapping world ATM and am in the very early stages of negotiating some local work, I hope to pop up on another online DT soon and will still be around on the forum's I visit now and of course here on my blog.


  1. Congratulations Tammy I wish you well in all your do, sad news though for OSS, but one must grow & extend ones self
    At least I will still be able to get gleam inspiration from you from your blog, so all is not lost
    xx Pansy

  2. Congratulations on making such a big decision. It's always hard to leave somewhere you have been so familiar and comfortable with for so long. But only YOU know when the time has come to move on.

    Good luck in your new ventures, I look forward to hearing all about what is next.

    Mel xxx

  3. Good Luck Tammy, I hope you are very successful in whatever you decide to do.
    I hope we still see your gorgeous work at OSS and I can't wait to meet you in October.
    Take Care


  4. It must have been a hard decision to make. I wish you lots of luck in your future endeavours, and will continue to check your blog for your gorgeous work.
    Hugs, Cass

  5. Well as long as you don't leave us altogether everything will be good :)

    Good luck with the new endeavours, you know your friends only want the best for you!!

  6. Congrats on making such a hard decision Tammy. I'm sure you will continue to grow, improve and inspire others with your gorgeous work. Good luck with all you choose to do in the future. I sure hope that i'll be seeing you around the www. I also really look forward to meeting you in October
    xoxoxo Kristy Lee

  7. Good luck Tammy!

  8. Hi Tammy,

    It was obviously something you needed to do - and it's great we can all still see your layouts here on your blog!

    Megan xx

  9. all the best Sweetie with your future creative journey :O)
    We'll all be ready with 'pom poms' in hand to cheer you on in what ever lays ahead for you :O)


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