Cards and stamping... ?

I made these first two cards for one of the cyber crop challenges at Scrap Pile. I was REALLY happy with them and so decided to have a go at the Love themed DCM dare. I had an idea for a very simple stylish card in the same vein as these two.

Now this is the first Time I have used my Green grass stamps that I won. I have been admiring them but not being a stamper was intimidated by the flat sheet of rubber, too scared to cut it, didn't /don't know how to cut it. Add to this no acrylic block etc ...
So they have sat there forlornly waiting...
This challenge was the perfect opportunity to I have a go, now as you can see my stamping skills leave a bit to be desired but I am happy with these considering I was using a glass coffee jar lid as my block and it was my first time with these kinds of stamps. I was going for a subtle effect with the sentiment on the baby card but not quite this subtle ( on the bottom of the frame ) I'll know for next time !

Now the love themed card was the real stamping disaster I just could NOT get the sentiment straight, though in my practice runs on scrap it was perfect, eventually on the 4th try I did it and then dragged the trim through the black ink before it was dry! Obviously patience is not one of my strong points when creating.
I was over it by then and spied the felt heart I had cut out for something else and not ended up using so I just decided to experiment with it.

So here is my 'LOVE' card substantially smaller and not at all resembling what it was planned to be, but nonetheless cute!

Any information or advice on the best way to cut a sheet of rubber stamps would really be greatly appreciated if any of you can help me.


  1. Hi Tammy,

    Here's a good tutorial

  2. Oh lovely work Tammy, must visit that link Philippa has given too...
    love how you stamped onto the felt, it looks great :O)


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