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These cards are made from my DT Kit, I gave a sneak peek of the turquoise one a couple of weeks ago, I botched it up by applying the rubons in the wrong order but hopefully if I ever send this to a friend they will be a good enough one to laugh at my silliness and admire the beautiful flower instead.
Now the green card was fun to make as I got to give my ( totally uncool, fave thing to use ) decorative edge scissors a workout. I'll include two more pics at the end to show you what I used. The bloom is actually made with three paper flowers layered and a MM ribbon brad in the centre. The paper flowers are from a pack of trimmings, I used two 4 petal flowers at the base; I cut right arount the edge of the petals with the pinking scissor, I then cut two short lengths of yellow ribbon from the ribbon and brads pack and formed a cross with the over the top of these petals then I cut the green tips off the 10 petal flower again using the pinking scissors and secured it all with the ribbon brad.


  1. Tammy! Fabulous cards. I must get into making more cards! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Lovely cards Tammy and a great idea with the scissors and flowers.

  3. I don't think decorative scissors are totally uncool anymore...maybe just a little uncool, depending who you are ;) LOL!!
    Love your cards, your flowers are inspiring as always!!

  4. Loving all these wonderful cards Tammy, how creative are you, such a saving & wonderful keepsakes for people

  5. Oh you are toooo Clever, using the scissors like that is a FAB idea Tammy... Your cards are both beautiful!

  6. Fabulous Tammy! Your cards are just beautiful!

  7. What a great idea. The flower looks really pretty with pinked edges.


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