May Scrapjack.

Here is my scrapjacked LO for May. This Month we jacked Mardi Winen. Pop over to the Aussie Scrapjacked blog to see Mardis LO and what the other Jackers have done.
It's a bit hard to see, but there is a rub on in the bottom right corner of the photo.
I've never been one to fold or use half a flower but took this from Mardi's page and added my own twist. I used a K-Ology stitched beaded brad at the centre of the flower embellishment ... They are divine! I love the designs and glittery bits.

Baby' birthday went well. I think he knew it was a special day he was in a great mood all day and relly really enjoyed the present opening and cake - though he wouldn't eat any as much as we tried to encourage him.
I'm so proud that I managed to get a lovely cake cooked in our dodgy oven with only a tiny bit of slight burning on one edge, the cake texture and flavour was great.

One pic of my gorgeous boy and his cake.


  1. Love your scrapjack LO T!!

    Glad to hear Callum had a great day, great photo of him, such a cute little face :)

  2. Love that LO. Great colours.

    And happy birthday to the big little man. :)

  3. I love your LO Tammy, just gorgeous, as is your little man :-D Glad he had a happy day

  4. I probably should have phrased that as I am glad he had a good day lol - But I am sure you knew what I meant

  5. That design is amzing, love the flower!!!

  6. Happy birthday little Callum! And well done to mum on the yummy cake!
    Your scrapjacked layout looks great. Love what you have done with the flowers and the centre piece is gorgeous.

  7. Your jack looks great Tammy, and so does that cake!

    Sounds like Callum enjoyed his birthday :-D

  8. thanks for the close ups - love your layout even more now!!! And look at your big birthday boy - he really does look like he enjoyed himself!

  9. Oh Tammy, your Scrapjack LO is GORGEOUS!.. all that detail.. beautiful colour choice too...

    and look at your little man.. he is so sweet.. :O)


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