recently a new user on a message board that I visit gave what I considered a little bit too much personal info about her children so I pm'd and emailed her warning her off about the www.
My blog and the information that I share here briefly passed through my mind at this time but really I didn't give it too much thought.

Now I have a wonderful hit counter that records the referrers of visitors to my site. I see this morning that a visitor has been visiting a lot of my early posts from last year, posts relating to my DS and my mental health in a some cases, this disturbs me.
Granted it may have been a family member or friend but, I am very , very aware that it could have been anyone . This has prompted me to make a decision to created a separate blog for recording these, and other family related things.
I will start this up soon, this blog will only be open to invited readers, so I encourage my friends and family who do read this to contact me and I will pop you onto my invited list, as i do value blogging as a way to keep in touch with those we care about as well as a way to record history and prompt memory.
*edited to add* I have made lots of friends through blogging and online, if you consider us to be friends or that we are forging a friendship then the feeling is probably mutual so don't think that if we haven't met IRL we are not friends OK : )

I will still keep posting all of my creations and sharing any scrappy news here, as I do now, I love all of my like minded creative visitors and the though of how much we inspire each other and share our work with the world through our blogs. At the bottom of my page I currently have a neo flags counter that records the countries people are popping in from OMG !! I cannot believe what parts of the world people are looking at my work from, it's very humbling.
I hope you still keep popping by and leaving your lovely comments as it really brightens my day to know that people find me inspiring and enjoy what I create as much as I do!


  1. I don't know if it could have been me, but sometimes I go back into blogs searching for something that I think I've read previously... it certainly wasn't me recently though. I enjoy reading your blog and glad that you're going to continue.

  2. I want to join the inner sanctum! LOL bit freaky that though isn't it!

  3. I don't blame you, we often forget the fact that our blogs are open for the world to see...can be quite scary at times.

    I'd love an invite if you feel OK about giving me one, if not, that's cool too, I'll just keep visiting here.

    Mel xxx

  4. Good idea Tammy, gosh you only have to type your name into google.. and up comes every comment you've put on forums and other peoples blogs... it's always wise to be careful..

    Your a very popular girl hun, and we all love your beautiful soul...

  5. Tammy you do whatever makes you comfortable! As long as we can still see what you are creating, I'm happy :-)

  6. I get it :)
    Its a really small world.

  7. Hi Tammy.

    I worried about those same things as you so I removed my archives link from my blog. That way you can only read my last few posts but for anyone looking for my work, it's in my photo albums.

    It's really easy to remove the list from Blogger if that might be an easier option for you, but the down side of that is that the old posts can still occasionally come up with a Google search. Much harder to track through it all though.

    I'd love to be added to your invitation list if that's okay with you :)

    Nicole xx


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