Today is one of those days that i feel so lucky to live in Canberra.
For these reasons...

The balloon Fiesta! Just gorgeous, majestic, beautiful. I love seeing the multitudes of balloons in the sky. I especially loved taking Rachel this year she was so excited once she got out of the car and the balloons were drifting low over our heads.

Oh Beautiful crisp Autumn mornings, warm sun on our backs, and GLORIOUS Autumn colour!! Autumn and spring are by far my favourite seasons here. My potted bulbs are starting to break the ground, promising their spring delights!

Have been doing a bit of Scrapping but it's DT related so no sharing yet and i'm keenly awaiting the Layout from the next Jackee so I can do my take on that I like a lot of this ladies work so stay tuned for that too!

Hope there is something happening in your world right now that makes you feel as happy, lucky and alive as I felt this morning!


  1. What gorgeous photos! I can't wait until you can post your designs. I just love drooling over your art!

  2. Hi Tammy
    Fantastic pics. My kids would have loved to have seen all of those balloons.
    The layout in the previous post is gorgeous.
    Best Wish to you

  3. Gorgeous Photos Tammy! I love the balloons too.
    Take Care

  4. Gee you got some nice shots! Nice to have sort of seen you again yesterday, lol.

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous pics!!

  6. Great photos Tammy - I can feel the excitement! I SOOOO want to go up in a balloon!

  7. Gorgeous pics Tammy. I love balloon festivals too. They used to have them each year, here in the Barossa, but they haven't had one for a while now..sniff, sniff.

  8. Tammy I said the same thing to the kids yesterday - this time of the year here is just amazing.

    Hope all is well at your place.


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