Lots of things start of month!

Firstly I finally did a DCM dare before the next one got posted. Here is my attempt at a monochromatic card.

Over at Aussie Scrapjacked The first Jackee has been announced and it's Erica Glover. My Jack will be posted on the site later today but heres a little peek

The Monthly LO comp structure at OSS has been totally revamped as have the prizes you can check the details for this out here

Sometime this week my online class will be up there too full of ideas for making your own journalling spots like these

I'll be back soon topost anything else that pops up as I really think I have forgotten some things. LOL


  1. Love your pink mono card :)
    The DCM dares are fun aren't they!

    Looking forward to seeing your online class, would love some inspiration to make my own journalling spots!!

  2. Love the pink card, it's so sweet.

    Gee, you've got SO much going on by the sounds of it...

  3. Hi Tammy
    Love that card it is beautiful. Gorgeous layout in the previous post. Sounds like you are very busy.
    Best Wishes

  4. Gorgeous, Gorgeous Card Tammy..
    just love it!.. and so great you've had a chance to play!.. :o)
    oh I'm so excited about Aussie Scrapjacked.. you never know I might just get one of these made..LOL!. I hope so anyway..
    can't wait to see what you've come up with for it.
    love these cutie-pie journal spots too..

  5. Your pink card is wonderful!

  6. Love this pink card, i was looking at some of your previous posts and the flowers on your LO's are gorgeous.

  7. Hi Tammy,

    Well done on the monochromatic card - it is just beautiful!

    I've had a look at the Scrapjack site too - very exciting stuff :-)

    Megan xx

  8. Snap! I'm a first timer daringcardmaker this week too! Love your pink card! Gorgeous work in your blog.

  9. What a beautiful card. I love what you have done with the flower centre.

  10. Your pink card is lovely - that flower is gorgeous

  11. Loved the scrapjack page you did for the jack blog. Seen it a little while ago. Your journaling spots look fab too.

  12. Lovely card - love the big bloom.

  13. I love your preety pink girly card, really cute.

  14. Pretty card...nice blog too ;o)

  15. Gorgeous card Tammy! I love pink! I need to get mine done for DCM. Oh I just love your peak of your layout for scrapjacked. I can't wait to see...

    Gorgeous work as always!

    Hugs from across the pond

  16. The pink card looks fab, so pretty. Love your layouts :)

    jo xx


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