I don't want to!

Well here is the out come of my last post.
Thanks everyone for your comments, if there is one good thing about blogging it certainly gives you a great support network and reality check. I think I am loosing control of my world and it is starting to spiral out of control; then a bunch of ladies from near and far come out and offer their stories and make me realise hey its just a bump in the road and a LOT of us are going over it, a lot more have been over it, and still more will go over it!

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  1. What a fab way to look at this point in your lives! I agree that scrapping and blogging can really help keep you sane!

  2. Hi Tammy I have just caught up on your blog and your layouts are simply gorgeous, I love your embellishments just lovely.

    I hope everything is starting to settle now, I can so relate big time.

    Carole xx

  3. THis one defintely has the WOW factor Tammy!!
    I love how you fit so much journalling on the page.

  4. Tammy this is fabulous. It's great that you have the support for those tough days....we all need it every now and then :-)

  5. Your layout is adorable!
    LOVE your work!!

  6. Beautiful, Beautiful LO Tammy!...
    love the edginess of this! gorgeous work!...


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