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The terrible twos ? Understimulated ? Overstimulated ? inadequate processing skills?

Miss has started some really difficult and totally frustrating behaviour lately; she is throwing full blown tantrums with/at me - hitting, yelling, throwing things etc. and the worst part for me is that they are over 'nothing'. I tell her it's time to get dressed, comb hair, have a bath/shower, go to toilet .... and any number of other things.
Her favourite phrase "I DON"T want to !!" and the other troubling part is that she says it sometime in the tone and with the accent of a cartoon character 'Little princess'
Her second fave phrase 'I want'. Where have all those beautiful manners gone? Where has my wonderful little negotiator gone.
We used to be able to meet somewhere in the middle quite amicably but now its her way or tanty most of the time.
Now I understand she is in a 'ME' time of her life and also that she is trying to work out how to express and manage all of those emerging emotions that she doesn't have words for, but while I know these things it does not make it any easier to deal with when it seems my gorgeous girl is transported away and replaced by a writhing spitting she devil !


Now in my little boys world big news too...
yesterday he took his first series of steps he took 2, then later3, then later still three more then towards the end of the day 5 ... My baby is walking and just under a week from his 1st birthday.


  1. I can relate Tammy :( Sian has started with very similar behaviour and alot of frustration and tormenting her big brother too

  2. I hear you both girls :(
    Jake can be like a Jekyl and Hyde atm. Kids! Gotta love 'em. LOL!!

    So excited about Callum walking, you'll see a new personality emerge now he is truely mobile ;)

  3. Sounds like lots of highs and lows at your place Tammy....we always said to our girls "I want never gets" and they rarely say it anymore. They do still scream and hurl abuse though lol. It's not an easy gig is it?

    Good luck!
    Megan xx

  4. Oooooo they can be little treasures can't they, I really feel for you girls with little ones going through "that age" and they always seem to "pick" their time and place just when it will embarrass you the most, at least at home you can walk off and leave them....
    as Megan said it's NOT an easy gig.

  5. I completely understand. Callum went through that at about the same age. Wish I had the miracle cure, but alas I don't. We just took lots of deep breaths, tried to remain consistent in our responses, and when all else failed gave him a time-out.

    How exciting that your little Callum is walking! And so young!

  6. Hi Tammy...I just found your blog and boy can I relate. I have 2 yr. old twin girls and while most of the time they are pretty cooperative, Emily's favorite word at the moment is "MINE" and she can throw quite the hissy fit if she doesn't get what she wants. Never a dull moment, huh?! Hang in there. You're not alone!

  7. Its lucky you love her isnt it.

    I am sure they are sent to test our patience Tammy you can only do so much but turning your back or leaving the room and giving them no attention worked in our house, the tantrums stopped very quickly as I think they were a little disappointed at not having an audience lol.

    Good luck.

    P.S Cant believe your little man is walking!

  8. I concur with everyone Tammy....sounds like par for the course unfortunately. Doesn't make it any easier to deal with. ;)

  9. I remember both of these times with Jessica LOL
    The first steps... how exciting and scary! You feel they are growing... the tantrums... wow!! Tried to forget about those!!
    As soon as Jess started those - I cut her right off! I started to ignore her right as she would start... she saw she wouldn't gain anything and soon stoped! I'm not saying it works but it did with her! Sounds like you will be a busy mom for the next little while... ;)


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