Here are the Tiles for the swap these are the sets that each person created.
I have asked permission from this group of ladies to put them here. The name of the person who made each set is underneath the relevant set. I was planning on making a slide show but they are all so wonderful look better like this. I will post the completed sets by theme soon.
These Tiles Created by Tammy James

These Tiles Created by Brenda

These Tiles Created by Phillipa Barr

These Tiles Created by Sam J
These Tiles Created by Maria

These Tiles Created by Ann Lederhose

These Tiles Created by Carole Janson

These Tiles Created by Gillian Hamilton

These Tiles Created by Glennie

These Tiles Created by Debbie Kingston

These Tiles created by Sharon Sanna

These Tiles created by Jaki

These Tiles created by Pansy


  1. Loving the look of all those tiles. Fab idea.

  2. WOW!!!
    an't wait for mine to come home :)

  3. I agree with Jaki!
    These tiles look amazing, I have never seen anything like these before.
    Amazing work.

  4. they all look fantastic :)

    can't wait to see mine and see all the sets :)

  5. Sensational! Each and every one is so beautiful...thanks for sharing them here Tammy :-)

    Megan xx

  6. Wow, they are great... might have to organise a swap like this.

  7. Tammy adore my set of tiles made by the girls, can't wait for them to arrive.
    A big thankyou to you all for making me such fabulous primary coloured boy/car tiles they are fab

  8. Don't those tiles look stunning all laid out like that.

  9. WOW I can't wait to see them in their sets!

  10. Oh aren't we clever 'Chicky Babes'..... thanks for showing us all Tammy.... now I am really keen to see them up close & personal.....LOL!!!...

  11. Beautiful Tammy. Thank you so much!! Now I guess I'll have to stalk the postman.


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