This makes me smile.

Check my boys dance moves.
And what beautiful singing voices they both have!

Now to pass a smile on ( in addition to the one you got from that cute little wobbly head ) I want to RAK someone with one of my hybrid flowers.
So if you would like one post me a comment with your favourite colour combination and we will draw a winner on Monday.
No guarantees as to the flower design but here are some examples of what I am reffering to.


  1. ooooh I have to be in this :)
    I think maybe pink and green would be lovely

  2. PS ... your 2 are just so gorgeous!!! Love the dancing and the maracas are cool too. I need to make some of them for my 2 I think :-D

  3. hybrid flowers - that's what you call them!! Great name :) and they are so your thing!
    What else but black and white and red all over!!

    Love, P.

  4. Tammy that is just sooo cute, & love your doors, your beautiful Chidren certainly have the music in them, I kept expecting Rachel's hand to dart out & hit him on the head by accident
    That soft green & burgandy colour scheme is to die for

  5. Love the video - like Pansy I was amazed no heads were collected!! Callum so cute and Rachels hair getting long - so pretty!!
    I'd be happy to have such a flower in any colours - they are gorgeous!

  6. Hi Tammy I never though to call them Hybrid, I just always say 3D! lol I'm such a simple! lol

    I love the clear and while with the tad of pink!!

    Lauren x

  7. Wow, what a hard thing to pick, I have heaps of favourite colour combos, but I think the all time, works everytime fave would have to be red, black, and white.

  8. Gorgeous singing and dancing. And yes, the head wobbling made me smile. :)

    Just wanted to say that your flowers are divine, but since I already have one (thanks again), I want to be ineligible for the RAK.

  9. Very cute video of your kids Tammy, very cute indeed!
    Megan xx

  10. Hi Tammy
    Your kiddies are adorable and I so love those flowers.
    Best Wishes

  11. awwwwww..... aren't your cherubs delightful.. takes me back hun, thankyou... big smiles at watching them :o)
    Oh 'SCRUMMY' flowers Tammy.. I reckon any colour you put together would be wonderful ;o)

  12. The video is so cute and definitely puts a smile on your face.
    Yes I thought the same as Maria about Rachel's hair it looks grogeous, definitely growing up to a beautiful little girl and Callum is getting so big:)

    Your flowers are cute too:)
    Take Care

  13. OMy they are all so gorgeous, you have done such a lovely job.

    I love your Dandelion Layout in the preveous post, just beautiful.

    Best Wishes

  14. OH Tammy! The video is so cute!!
    and those flowers ... beautiful!

    Bety :)

  15. Oooh these are jut yummy!
    Please please please put me in your draw!!!:-)


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